Location: Ashgrove, Brisbane

Client: A professional couple

Key Elements: VJ wall panelling, playful wallpaper, warm wood tones, soft ribbed textures and luxe light fittings tie in beautifully to the brushed gold tapware and veined sintered stone. The bold yet soft paint palette and tile choice make the space truly come to life feel truly spa-like.

This Deco Dream underwent a remarkable transformation, turning a tired and dated space into a haven of rejuvenation. The brief was to create a bathroom that exudes a playful charm while boasting a contemporary edge.

Our client chose a gorgeous and vibrant washable wallpaper which injects a playful splash of colour. This is particularly advantageous considering the presence of young boys, who are not always the cleanest.

Complementing this, we introduced our signature feature, VJ wall panelling, but rather than a traditional white, we stayed with the bold colour theme and picked up on the soft blue-green tones within the wall tiles and wallpaper.

The vanity takes centre stage, adding a beautiful touch of sophistication with its warm wood tones and soft textures, whilst the tapware marries modern elegance with practicality.

A favourite detail of ours are the beautiful feature wall lights either side of the mirrored cabinet. Beyond capturing the brass accents of the tapware, these lights serve as design statements, accentuating the beautiful veins in the sintered stone vanity top.

Adding an extra layer of sophistication, the ribbed custom curved shower screen meticulously mimics the grooves found on the vanity.

The walk-in shower features our trademark stone ledge running the length of the main shower wall whilst beautiful soft blue-green wall tiles complement the vibrant wallpaper.

By removing an old window and replacing it with a gorgeous over-the-shower skylight, we created a spa-like quality to the space.

Taking advantage of an empty wall space, we seamlessly concealed a discreet wall cupboard within the VJ panelling to create a clever storage solution for our client.

The inclusion of the bidet toilet suite, provides not just a functional necessity but a luxurious touch to the space.

We're proud to unveil the transformation of this space, evolving from a mere functional area into a bathroom that radiates with timeless charm, now infused with a contemporary edge. It's a space where elegance meets modernity, ensuring it will be a cherished retreat for years to come.