Meet the Team

I absolutely love our ALL GIRL Team. We work hard, share lots of laughs, and genuinely love what we do. Each team member brings something unique to our daily operations, and we'd love to introduce you to the team that turns dreams into reality.

Meet Rach

You're undoubtedly familiar with Rachael as the driving force and visionary powerhouse. What you may not be aware of is her engaging, committed, and respectful nature as a team player. Her positive and supportive nature has created a warm and welcoming collaboration both inside and outside her team. 

Rachael is not your average builder; for her, it's all about the detail. Whether it's the decorative intricacies on a plain post, the precise placement of wainscoting or batten detail, the mitred angle on your tiles, or the design intricacies of fretwork to align your project with a specific era, she never misses a beat. When we say she eats, sleeps, and breathes this kind of detail, we're not exaggerating. It's her passion and commitment to these details that sets her apart.

In the office, Rach keeps us entertained on most days, sharing her passion for life, often recounting funny stories of random events from her day, not to mention some last-minute emergencies—such as one of the dogs needing to be rushed to the vet for consuming a whole slab of Toblerone or a bag of macadamias…….both true stories.  The lively interactions in our office create a super supportive team environment. Rachael's ability to foster a collaborative and positive atmosphere significantly contributes the well-being of the entire team. Her leadership style creates an environment where team members thrive, leading to collective success.

Rach is a genuine creative and a truly down-to-earth individual, always ensuring the happiness of both her clients and her team. Her commitment to creating an affirmative and harmonious environment reflects her dedication to the well-being of everyone involved in the process.

Meet Tara

Tara is our numbers and project management whiz. She has a comprehensive spreadsheet for everything, and will effortlessly navigate the complexities, ensuring our clients are well informed and also cared for throughout their journey. She endeavours to bring expertise, warmth and a dash of humour to every project. With an extensive knowledge in all aspects of building, Tara is not just a wealth of information but also a trusted advisor, always ready to offer guidance and support.

In addition, Tara plays a crucial role in bridging the gaps between the diverse facets of FPP's business. With experience in accounts, IT, legal and estimating, she seamlessly blends her skills with the creative vision of our team to help ensure that FPP stays on track.

A dedicated mum, Tara loves heading into nature for a bush walk, cuddling her cats and possesses a remarkable talent for crafting the most wonderful book character costumes with her daughter.

Our clients value Tara's unwavering dedication to our building process, and we truly appreciate having her expertise to ensure the projects run smoothly. She is an invaluable member of our team, and we absolutely love having her contribute to our FPP vision.

Meet Bron

Bron is our projects and design coordinator, tirelessly working behind the scenes. She excels in nurturing both client and business relationships, ensuring that everyone feels not only valued but also completely understood.

Her warm approach adds an extra layer of comfort and satisfaction to the overall experience. Whether it's communicating with clients, managing team schedules, selecting the perfect paint colours, exploring tile stores, or coordinating with suppliers to arrange timely deliveries, Bron ensures that all our project requirements are met seamlessly. 

Her enthusiasm for beautiful textures, finishes, and timeless, classic beauty perfectly aligns with our vision at FPP and Bron loves being actively involved in the design process of all our projects. Her passion for design shines through as she contributes her creativity and expertise to ensure each project meets the highest standards. She is a perfect fit for our clientele and design vision, and we're delighted to have her on our team.

Away from her desk, you'll often find Bron on a tennis court or enjoying a leisurely beach walk with her family.

Meet Mel

Mel is our design Queen; she has the incredible ability to turn Rachael's visions into tangible realities. While Rachael used to handle all the design and technical drawings herself, she is thrilled to have Mel now managing this aspect of the business. Finding a creative professional who speaks the exact same design language, shares the same vision, design aesthetic, and passion for houses as Rachael was no easy task. Mel is a natural fit for our team, born to be a part of the creative synergy that defines our work.

A true family person, Mel cherishes her rural lifestyle and the beautiful homestead she has created. As a devoted mum to her two adorable boys, she brings warmth and dedication to our team. Design flows in her veins, and Mel's talent for understanding our clients' needs and visions is unparalleled. We're absolutely delighted to have her as an integral part of our team.

Meet Astra

Astra, our newest team member, has taken on the role of Junior Digital Marketer. With the business's growth, especially in the past few years, our social media presence has expanded. Rachael felt it was time to bring in a fresh set of eyes to keep the business current with all things related to marketing. Astra continually surprises us with her quirky ways, funny jokes, and undercover novelling skills. She has a soft spot for cats, to the extent that she's under strict instructions that she's been capped at 10 felines on her rescue missions, she also loves finding homes for dogs which really resonated with Rachael and touched her heart.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Astra's knowledge in marketing and tech-related matters among the team. Her warm and vibrant personality adds a wonderful dynamic to our office, making her a perfect fit for our collaborative and creative environment. We look forward to achieving great things together.